When Euromafia is scared



It's been quite a few years since we started directly pointing out the connections of politicians, journalists, activists, fraudsters - to the Euromafia. Yes, now I am writing about the Slovak area. Our plan in Slovakia was clear. To reveal their mafia "alliances". And we succeeded. We confronted Jara Naď - a liar to look at. Right after that, all pro-Federa activists swarmed and started asking questions to Matovič and Naď. You know, WE do it for people, they do it for views and ego. No one dared to even approach Miroslav Bodor. Journalists wrote only about the son Norko, but Miroslav seemed not to exist until we got involved. We exposed the journalists completely, as well as persons such as Danny Kollár, Pavol Forisch, Peter Staněk, Igor Bukovský, and Rostasa. We listen to the cuckoo voices from the human waste of society that the reasons why we have withdrawn from the media space are..


1. We got scared..

2. There will be lawsuits against us...

3. We are scammers and we were only after internet views and we had very few…

So let's put it in perspective. We helped selflessly and without the right to a fee. We were the only ones who had no problem publishing our bank account - private. I don't know any human orangutans who do that. We've always played with our cards open and unlike scammers, we have everything backed up by evidence. That's how we defeated the mega cell of the Euromafia in Austria. We were never interested in views, even though many posts had hundreds of thousands of views - e.g. our trip to Ukraine. 

It is important for us to point out what is happening. We deal with helping many people. Slovakia's problem is that the Slovaks themselves are not asking for help. We experienced many times that the victims were simply short-circuited and destroyed our efforts to save their lives and property. Last time we pointed out that there is no way to solve justice in Slovakia in the current setup. The Mafia has created a State within a State and always decides in favor of crime. That is why we decided to complete our journey of compensation and creation of ANTI-MAFIA centers.


When we were in Trieste with DIA ANTIMAFIA, we felt the respect from the investigators. We were also joined by people who are feared by the mafia itself. Mr. Professor Dr. Leoluca Criscione was born in Corleone - the capital of the mafia. He was the head of Novartis - an international pharmaceutical company. He was involved in the creation of the drug DIOVAN and today he is dedicated to pointing out that all miracle diets are just mafia business. He fights for people not to see Sicilians as mafia because there are a lot of wonderful people in Sicily too. And Mr. Salvatore Petrotto is also one of them. He graduated from the University of Palermo and was the mayor of the city of Racalmuto for 13 years. He is currently a high school teacher and freelance editor. He has published anti-Mafia books: The Montante System: The Rise and Fall of Anti-Mafia Apostles, Disloyal Statesmen, Deviant Secret Services, and Unscrupulous Journalists. Another fighter is Markus Nigg from Switzerland. A person who has had enough of a dysfunctional system.

And that is the reason why we are no longer "in sight" in Slovakia. With my health condition, I choose my priorities. It is foolish to fight for cleansing where even the victims themselves do not want it. Where they attack you just because you reveal the truth. Where the mafia protects even the smallest swindler - Garaj, Hudák, Púchovský. I don't know who had the courage, but together with Zuzka Verebová, we filed a criminal complaint for subsidy fraud in Michalovce. Together with Renáta Kráľová, we revealed the true background of the murder of her son Michal Šedivý. We stood up to the mafia in the south, north, east and west of Slovakia. We draw your attention to the illegal practices of people from Zvolen or Beluš, or Rokytov near Humennov. Mafia behavior of mayors in Vlčany and throughout Slovakia. Nobody does that.

But for Miška and I, the priority is not only to show up and pay a transparent bill, but to complete the compensation and work with people who respect us. That's why we decided to create international cooperation with the best in the fight against the mafia. And recent events prove once again that the mafia is afraid. The poor from Dolná Súča threaten a mother who lost her son due to their actions. They want to make sure that they delete the diagnosis of COPD from me. I had a CT scan a month ago. The results were and are disastrous. My pulmonologist immediately called me and sent me to the hospital. Since November, however, something has changed at Hochegg Hospital. Somehow they forget the diagnosis and try to blame it on some asthma. I have been taking certain medicines for a month - Foster. Of course I'm overweight. This is completely normal with so many corticoids. I have +40 kg compared to normal. Well, I've been at a stable weight for about three years. But on Wednesday, Dr. Pokorny actually dared to tell me again that my lungs are fine and I should lose weight. Miška and I blew him out like a candle. We sent a complaint to the Ombudstelle and it was clear to us where the wind was blowing. The mafia is trying to overturn my diagnosis, which sends them into a position of prison and loss. They need to cancel everything that Miška and I won together. As soon as I don't have a diagnosis, there will be no Rehageld, nor the fact that I am disabled and I should go to work with my condition. The problem would be solved as they know I can barely walk anymore. However, they will not succeed. We are always three steps ahead. There is no person who is cured of chronic pulmonary obstruction. Unfortunately, I already have the second category according to Gold. An ambulance has already taken me, so I know what the mafia from Hallein is all about. Well, they won't be able to do it anymore. I am currently finishing articles from Slovakia and Austria, which will be published in Italy. Of course, we will have to translate them into Italian, but we have funds for that in the transparent account. We also get the last connections, for example, of the Rokyts near Humenno, to the Italian mafia, Horná and Dolná Súča and people who are close to Antonín Vadal. Elected city leadership and the same tentacles. Subsequently, as we mentioned, we will personally go to Luxemburg to see the head of the Eu PROSECUTION and we will also submit TO the direction of the DIA ANTI-MAFIA for murders, looting of church forests, transfer of assets in an illegal way, dumping of chemical waste all over Slovakia, in connection with the Slovak kinder mafia and also the Italian one.

Our path is clear. We want to help as many Europeans as possible to get rid of the EUROMAFIA!

We will help you get rid of your debts and you will help us defeat the Euromafia!

Chapter: Our Nearest Plans

Well, at the very end, it is necessary to say that what awaits us will not pass. I got a new CT scan and report. We are getting to a stage where compensation negotiations are becoming much more fluid. We have earned name and credit. We saved Austria from the Slovak way. In August, there is a trip to Sicily and a presentation of the book Il SISTEMA MONANTE by the former mayor Mr. Salvatore Petrotto. Leoluca Criscione, Ms. Dana and Markus Nigg, and of course the trip to the EU prosecutor's office. You may be wondering why we moved it two months further? Because it is through our collaborators that we get the last connections between the Italian mafia and Slovakia or Austria. It was also agreed to publish articles from Slovakia and Austria in the Italian media space. Of course, we always translate the given article into Italian and then it is published. It is necessary to put fraudsters in Slovakia and Austria under pressure. You may have noticed that we are also gradually translating texts from Italian and publishing them in the section:

We work every day for all of us. Therefore, we want to thank each of you for your help and trust.