We are two people with a vision of world change. It´s hard to fight when the whole system goes against individuals. Shall we give up? Never!

The Mafia took us the most important thing - health. I am 35 years old and I am a pensioner with destroyed lungs. Michaela also has health problems. We thought about what to do next. We thought about how our lives would go on, how our lives would go on. One always has a choice in life. A lot of people in our place would not oppose the mafia. They would rather close their eyes and run. But is it right? They have destroyed a man´s health and wanted to kill him. Is it right to allow those people to continue to destroy other people´s lives? No, it isn`t. We want to show others that life can make sense even during the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic is an opportunity for change. How many people are fed up with intimidation and exploitation and afraid to say it out loud? That´s  why we are here. We are here to be stronger together.

A  And that is our goal. Perhaps it is unattainable. Maybe it is impossible. However, in the days when we experienced hell on earth, we learned one thing. Only he who gives up will lose. One must fight and persevere in order not to lose. One must show that he or she has no fear of the Mafia.   

Let´s unite for a better world! 

Pavol Pribela & Michaela Povalová