Pavol Pribela

Writer - pensioner

V     My name is Pavol Pribela. I used to work at the airport in Salzburg. Now I am 38 years old and I am already retired. Unfortunately, I have had health problems since 2017. No doctor can make a clear diagnosis for me. A toxic substance called 1,2-dichloroethane was measured in our previous apartment (by a professional company). The toxic substance infested the air in our apartment because illegal drugs were produced in the apartment bellow us. And that´s where the whole story began.

My hobbies are writing books (EL) : My hobbies are writing books (EL) and photography. I like shooting relaxing videos with

drones and taking photos. I love animals, dancing and good people. I have had a girlfriend Michaela for several years and I would give up without her. We are hiding in a secret place now.

Michaela Povalová

At the moment I am devoting my full effort to the fight against the Mafia

I am a Slovak living and working in Austria since 2016. I have successfully completed my bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Konstantin Filozof in Nitra. Since I have been in Austria, I have seen great progress in my life. Work challenges, own housing or own car. In Austria, I had many opportunities to meet a lot of great people. I stayed in touch with those closest to my heart. Every person experiences beautiful moments in their life, but also painful ones. However, he does not always get to the painful ones by his own doing. And so it is in my case and Palko's. We crossed paths with an organized crime group. But if we don't want Evil to win in this world, we have to find courage. Walking, even if you fall more than you get up. We know that there are many people whose lives are ruined by individuals for whom money means everything. And that's why WE are here. ANTIMAFIA organization that fights for the honest, unjustly persecuted and exploited.