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Who are we?

We are ordinary people with an extraordinary life story. My name is Pavol Pribela and I am in charge of                      this website. Michaela Povalová and I survived                                several attempted murders.  

Let´s unite.

Unity is strength.

One person can be an example to others, but more     people can change people. This website was made to unite      people. Its purpose is to fight and right the wrongs (unfair          actions, injustices) done us - honest people.

What and who are we fighting for? 

We want to connect people with a similar                       fate.  

We fight against mafias outside the state and in the state. An organized criminal group is trying to send us to jail based on false and fabricated accusations. Moreover, members of the group tried to kill us several times. We know that there are a lot of people in the world with the same fate as we have. That is why we are fighting. We want to make this world a better place for all.   

The Mafia will never win. 

It doesn´t matter how strong they are. 

We will always be stronger TOGETHER. Lies, frauds and thefts are important to the Mafia. Truth and courage are important to us.  


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