ANTIMAFIA vs Glaneckerweg 5


Antimafia strikes a decisive blow!

Dear Reader!

Today we delivered a blow of certainty to the mafia from the street Glaneckerweg 5. Together with Miška, we drafted a statement that will arrive Herbert Holzknecht and his illegal apartments in the trial at the LANDESVERWALTUNGSGERICHT in Salzburg.

Of course, first we contacted former lawyers to help us get the name of the judge or the number of the file. In vain. We did it on our own again. We handed over almost 100 pages of evidence, statements, against the SALZGHRETA group from the city of HALLEIN and Salzburg.

We are aware that we are in constant danger of death, but it is high time to arrive at them. Herbert Holzknecht has already lost twice in this process! The apartments that we pointed out are really illegal, and if the verdict is that they were illegal for the last time, our negotiating possibilities for compensation from the mafia and the state will increase tremendously. However, we are mainly fighting for the current residents of Glaneckerweg 5. They are threatened by what happened to me. Poisoning and slow death. Therefore, it is extremely important to fight for the final verdict, which will mean Life for people!