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Sicily - The BIGGEST island in the Mediterranean Sea

We covered over 1,700 kilometers from Tuesday to Thursday and only a few hundred kilometers were waiting for us to reach the destination - Racalmuto. Perhaps it would be appropriate to recall the facts about this beautiful island, which the mafia literally cut off from travel agencies, from self-sufficiency.Sicily is a beautiful island full of contrasts. The area of ​​this piece of paradise is just over 25,000 km2 and the number of inhabitants is equal to five million. The largest cities are Palermo, Catania, Messina, Syracuse and, for example, Agrigento. A large part of the island is occupied by the still active volcano - ETNA - 3,357 meters above sea level, and the area of ​​the entire volcano is over 1,190 km².

Euromafia - guillotine of normalcy

Now we're going to look at something that is very essential in investigating the workings of the Euromafia fools. The ferry took us to the island and the perception of the behavior of the people in the city of Messina was extremely unpleasant. Stink in the city. The constant violation of regulations, but especially the hostility, which proves how far the "control" of this zgerba has reached and how it has destroyed people. We passed by Etna and the navigation guided us to a road that literally crosses the island. A wonderful view of Etna and then tens of kilometers of nothingness. The more we delved into the island, the more it became clear that the interior is empty of people with destroyed buildings, roads leading nowhere, or fields of solar collectors without real connection to the electricity grid. Beautiful places alternated with incredible nothingness. Well, in the middle of nowhere, the mafia thought it could do anything, and so far from the houses, it built a private outlet center, where saleswomen just stand there, but mainly because the idiots proved their idiocy.

The road around us hardly changed. Garbage at every step and knowing how the export of waste works in Sicily, Calabria, Campania, it is clear that people pay enormous amounts for the export of waste, but the waste ends up everywhere but in the landfill. The locals don't understand that they pay the mafia, so the mafia is their slave, and you have to treat these idiots that way. We got to Racalmut a few hours early and Michalangelo Romano found accommodation for us for the weekend. AUTODROMO VALLE DEI TEMPLI. The racing circuit, which is not even twenty years old, is one of the few areas for sports use by locals. In Racalmut there is a dilapidated football stadium and also a madness called a swimming pool, which does not have a drop of water in it. Why? People in Slovakia do not even realize what a lack of water means. They are not even aware of the danger when the Euromafia took over the sources in Slovakia, already through privatizations in the 90s of the last century. RACALMUTO is a town with almost 8,000 inhabitants and many problems. The biggest one is water. Not that she wasn't, but the EUROMAFIA said that people can't live happily, in good health, and they literally have to pay for every drop. It was a long time ago when the Arabs dug a well and supplied RACALMUTO with water for free. The Fontana del RAFFO is several centuries old, and according to estimates, water under the town of Racalmuto would have been available for at least 400 years. However, the Euromafia has taken this element, and that is why the inhabitants of the city are afraid of large water tanks, which they fill once a month. The price of filling is 150 Euro. Why is it like that? Because it's a profitable business. The cisterns are attached to the fountain and the mafia makes money from the water.

Many houses have a problem with mold, and I have also noticed this problem. After the weekend, we moved to a tiny apartment on Via Giuseppe Verdi, but Miška had health problems right away, and it caught up with me in a few days. In the meantime, we have already helped the people of Racalmuto Riparte. The goal of the people around the hero Salvatore Petrotto is to bring their fellow citizens to the realization that politics as such is no longer meaningful. They are all ordinary people without suits. Farmers, car repairmen and many of them help handicapped people. Already on the 11th of May, we did a live broadcast, and for the next few days we tried to process many illustrators. However, Miška stayed at home with a bad cough, and even then I felt internally that something was wrong with the apartment. After filming in the beautiful fields of ANGELO Guagliano, my health also collapsed. We tried to avoid staying in an apartment and slept by the sea or in the mountains, but a few hours were enough and the mold won. On May 24, 2024, an ambulance took me to Canicatii - Baron Lombardo Hospital. I have been given intravenous antibiotics and my condition is constantly in a very complicated state. Today we have already been moved and the treatment is progressing. To go back to the problem that exists in this environment, there are too many properties that are full of mold. Many people have respiratory problems, even if they live basically by the sea. If we summarize the problems, for example, the wait for an ambulance is about 20 minutes. The towns of GROTTE AND RACALMUTO have roughly 14,000 inhabitants and have no hospital. Cities do not have gas pipelines or water supply. There is also a problem with garbage. ROADS recall the period of ancient Rome. And finally, it is very important to mention the most important thing from the side of humanity and steadfastness. The land that these brave people cultivate is full of stones, volcanic and they literally work a miracle. Somehow, internally, they don't worry about things not working, but they respect each other. They personally helped us enormously and continue to help us. For us, they are heroes♥